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I plant produces magnetic NdFeB, magnetic and ferrite, rubber and magnetic, quality, timely delivery and price concessions. Produce toys, handicrafts, electronics, smoke doors, including health care deduction and magnetic cylinder used in the factory, circle, box, W-shaped magnet and other specifications, such as 锟 3 脳 3mm, 锟 4 脳 2 mm, 锟 4 脳 4mm, 锟 5 脳 5mm, 锟 6 脳 2mm, 锟 6 脳 3mm, 锟 6 脳 4mm, 锟 8 脳 2mm, 锟 15 脳 2 mm, 锟 13 脳 锟 5.5 脳 1mm, and so on. Packaging NdFeB magnet, a powerful magnet and magnet-sided,The main specification 1.5 * 10. 1.5,14 * 12 * 1.5 * 1.5,18, 20 * 2 25 * 3 32 * 3, as well as magnets and those supporting the use of galvanized iron sheets. Nd-Fe-B magnet is the king, with a small, strong absorption characteristics, I can plant in accordance with customer demand for the production of Nd-Fe-B magnets with different specifications, prices, quality, delivery on time! Division I insist on quality and development in order to survive the price to customer satisfaction for the purpose of the spirit of mutual benefit for you! You look forward to sincere calls inquiry letter would welcome the opportunity to be able to cooperate with you,This will be our greatest honor to.

Lee Yi-yi win-win situation in order to take advantage of it, Lee Quo, the people, enterprises, workers benefit. Yi won profit, multi-faceted, multi-angle round, the whole process.
Innovation and integrity honest and trustworthy: decent people do, really do matter. Lian Li innovation: to strive for progress, Yong-scale new heights.
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